Quite often we are asked the same question time and again. When this is the case we add them to this list of Frequently Asked Questions.


  • Do we need to sign up for ALL 8 weeks?

    No – Please come along and try the class/classes and then go home and discuss it as a family.
    You can then email or Text Me to let me know what you have decided to do. Or simply come along to the class the following week and we will then sort out fees etc “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY”

  • How do we register?

    We will provide you with a Registration Form. f you could fill it out  completely on your first visit.

    We will then add your child to the class of your choice.

  • Will we need to buy a Uniform?

    Yes EVENTUALLY! However (particularly in the case of the little ones) a Fairy Dress, Party Dress or Favourite outfit will do until they are settled and you are sure they want to stay.

    If older students simply wear something comfortable that is easy to move in. We have a good floor surface so bare feet or sticky socks will do for ballet.

    Trainers will be fine for Jazz & Musical Theatre and some hard soled outdoor shoes will do for beginning Tap Dancing.

  • Are Parents allowed to watch?

    Of course you will want to stay with your little one and that is fine, although the sooner there are no parents the quicker the children will learn without any disruptions. Every child is an Individual.

    Please try and work with your child’s teacher who will guide you.

    Obviously you know your child better than anyone, so see how they manage during class. There is a waiting room where you can wait for the duration of the class and once they have truly settled there is a Fab Coffee Shop NonaLous Cafe  (opinion based upon Trip Advisor reviews) just upstairs where you can grab refreshments.

  • Where can I get suitable dancewear for the classes?

    We recommend


    Proprietor: Miss A. Mitchell

    General Dancewear for;

    • Children & Adults Ballet
    • Tap
    • Disco
    • Majorettes
    • Skating

    16 Kyle Street, Ayr KA7 1RZ

    Tel: 01292 261458

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