As Patrons of Dumfries School of Dance there are certain expectations placed upon you.

Both Parents and Pupils are responsible for ensuring that those attending classes are ready in time and dressed suitably.

To Ensure you understand these expectations we recommend that you read the “Pupils Code of Conduct below.

Pupils Code of Conduct

  • Pupils Must Show Respect to their Teachers and a friendly and supportive manner to their fellow students. Bullying and Gossiping will not be tolerated.
  • Pupils should be ready to start class suitably dressed at the specified time.
  • Pupils must be correctly dressed for ALL classes. All Dancewear should be named.
  • Hair MUST be in a Neat Bun for R.A.D. Ballet. Hair Should be neatly tied back for Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre.
  • No Jewellery to be worn in ANY Class.
  • Chewing Gum is Not Allowed within The School.
  • To Avoid Disrupting the Lesson, Pupils are encouraged to go to the toilet before class commences.
  • ALL Students must help to keep the dressing rooms tidy by using the bins provided.
  • Parents MUST inform Miss Dawn in writing one month before withdrawing a child from the School (email acceptable) otherwise the next full terms fees will be charged.
  • Teachers are only responsible for the children during their scheduled class times. Parental supervision of younger children will be required between classes.